3 ways to make YouTube sustainable income source


If done correctly, making videos on Youtube can be very well paid. Beginner creators think that creating quality content and allowing ads to appear on their videos will be just enough to earn a lot of money. But eventually, all of them realize that Youtube cannot be a sustainable income source. Although it is not plausible to give the exact right number, it is safe to estimate that you will get a dollar for every thousand views.

So why does YouTube pays this small amount of money to the creators? We should remember that YouTube does not have any responsibility to pay the content creators, it just chooses to. It is also useful to understand that the money goes through many hands before it reaches you. First, consumers pay the advertiser, then he pays YouTube, and YouTube then pays its creators. So it is understandable why it is such a small payment. Now the question is what could creators do to make creating videos a sustainable income.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is probably the most popular way of making money on YouTube. In this kind of marketing, you sell other’s products and take a commission for each product or service you sell through a particular URL which is linked to your account. A large number of companies have these programs, but the most used, and by far the most popular is the Amazon’s Associates program. It starts the commission at the 4 percent.

After signing up for Associates program, you will be taken to your portal, and there you can take any item from the Amazon marketplace and make a unique link for that product. You just have to make a video in which you will highlight a product that you love and just tell your viewers to click on the link in the description if they are interested in it. That is when your commissions roll in. You will even receive a commission on anything your viewers purchase on Amazon in the next 24 hours.

Selling your products

So, YouTube gives us just a fraction of a penny of what they make from an advertiser, affiliate programs give a bigger percentage of their sales, but if we want to receive 100 percent of the income, we have to sell our products.

For instance, if you make an online training that you sell for $50. Then you will want to create a video that will provide huge value and at the end of it pitch your course to get more value. If you had 1,000 views on that video, AdSense would pay you around $1. But if you succeeded in convincing 0.5 percent of the viewers to purchase the course, you will make $250 just from selling your own product. So it is not necessary for many people to buy your product to receive a significantly larger amount than the one YouTube would pay.


However, the fastest way to get money on YouTube is to offer a value of some sort. It is not enough to just upload a video and hope for something to happen. When you have attracted targeted audience, now and then pitch your consulting services to offer your viewers more value than what they are already receiving. You should just make the viewers think that they’ll get more value through the consulting service

Uploading, turning the ads on and taking the compensation is alright if you are seeking non-sustainable income. But if you want to set a business or a brand, you must first provide value, so focus primarily on that, and other streams of income will come naturally.