4 Tips on How to Build a Million Dollar Business


Do you know the distinction between a million-dollar business and a bankrupt startup? You must understand what it takes to get your business in the right direction. The challenge is that there aren’t distinct steps that you need to undertake to make sure that your business is successful. In fact, everyone could be famous and rich if there was a prescription on how to build a million-dollar business.


The challenge with most business owners is that they are not willing to take the long journey of hard work. In fact, most starting entrepreneurs don’t even know how to build a marginally successful venture. Therefore, the idea of building a million-dollar enterprise becomes a dream to them. Here are some of the things you need to understand before you make an attempt.



Build in Silence



This tip came from the chairperson of Stealth Communication who argues that people cannot stop what they can’t be able to see. He made these sentiments during an interview in conference. The challenge with most entrepreneurs is that they get excited about their business ideas and begin sharing the vision with people who are close to them. One thing you need to understand is that not everyone is meant to understand your vision. It’s better to tell people your next move when you have already made it. In this case, they will not be able to get on the way to your goal or distract you. Crews says that you will be showing people your hand before you play it if you decide to tell them what you are planning to do.




You cannot build a great idea unless you take several years of great focus. Overnight success stories are just dreams that don’t exist in reality. You will have to engage in practical day to day activities before you build a successful business. You must do whatever it takes to make sure that you succeed. However, most people have a challenge when it comes to staying focused. The world has great opportunities and its upon you to make good use of your talent. Remember you can bring increase the number of employees and raise more capital but you can’t manufacture more time. Therefore, you must do the most each single minute you get.



Accept Feedback


Any individual who is in charge of his company should learn to take responsibility of everything including the good and bad parts. You may find it hard to deal with feedback especially on a day when things seem to be taking the wrong direction. The first step is to delink your personal feelings from any feedback you receive. The second thing is to allow the truth to carry the day. Dismissing or stagnating feedback will only hinder truth as you allow your personal bias to rule the decision making process.



Be Willing to Adapt


Put your ego aside and understand that the most successful entrepreneurs are always willing to adapt. You may find three to four downfalls for each single up. Therefore, you must learn how to endure both failures and successes if you want to build a million-dollar business. You may find investors asking for their money back or employees resigning. You need to shine at this point as an excellent founder. All you need to do is drive out personal bias and make informed decisions.