Corporate Venturing


Competition drives the demand for differentiation, however the market cannot always sustain companies that always attempt to compete on price in all industries. Therefore, some companies must seek advantages through differentiated products or services through operating methods. Additionally, corporate venturing has played an increasing role into the learning process and profitability of many companies within the last decade.

Several companies rely upon independent start-ups and acquire resources through acquisitions or use innovation outsourcing through specialists. Regardless of the method of obtaining the bottom-line results, innovative ideas are becoming a demanding asset in the corporate environment and moving from outside the research and development department to become integrated into the core mission of corporate entities.

Within the following article, we focus on corporate venturing as a means of improving company performance internally through the continual development and exchange of new ideas. In addition, the potential return on investment opportunities for companies to discover new methods of maximizing their internal resources and external relationships


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