Five Instructions on Improving Email Deliverability in Non-profit Fundraising Efforts



Obsolete email lists could be costing your non-profit significantly in its fundraising determinations. According to the 2017 Non-profit Email Deliverability Study, an ordinary of 22.64% in impending fundraising income was lost in 2016 because of junk emails. This equates to $24,000 in lost revenue per year per non-profit agency all because of junk emails.

Below we have five instructions on how to improve email deliverability in non-profit fundraising efforts.

1.Optative For Subscription Management

The impartial of every email, newsletter, and communication must be determined by awareness with a call to action. By creating content that notifies and stimulates, cohorts will become contributors and online giving will increase. Non-profit email statement should include the chance to invite others, involve in a dialogue and update their subscription. Subscription management is your responsibility.

2.Offer Online Device To Update Information


Make it easy for those interested in the organization to update their information. Email lists need to be regularly cleaned by removing those that have not shown any interest in a year or two. Grasp on social media for new subscriptions with fresh content and other tools that can help the audience. Inspire online giving to help fuel the delivery of this valuable information.

3.Engage Or Expire

 Assuming most non-profits use Mail chimp, it will scrub hard bounces. What’s more, you can segment based on the decency of engagement. If you want to increase open rates and reduce the amount you’re paying per subscriber assuming that is the pricing model you are working with export emails who aren’t engaged and proactively unsubscribe them. You’re doing both parties a huge favor.

4.Make The Emails Relevant

In this age of oversaturation, we need to make sure that emails are appropriate to the people we are sending them to. So I am more motivated to have my team work on communications that align with donor groups’ interests versus just a wide-ranging newsletter. If you do a general one find a way to record what people actually read and send them more of that.

5.Update Your Subscriber Files

Whether we like it or not we use major database programs like Raiser’s Edge or Donor Perfect, you can contract with such companies to run your entire list through an email updating program that provides current emails for your list, and yields emails for those you only previously had snail mail addresses.