Sub Shop Business Plan Strategies


There are many approaches for creating a business plan for a sub shop, the most effective strategy is one that takes all the variables into consideration when preparing for any business. However, an effective sub shop business plan is specifically tailored for the business type, geographic region and style of the company. For example, a business plan for a global Subway Franchise would be very different than a small boutique deli or local franchise. This article will show the key things to consider when planning for a sub shop in order to acquire investment or improve the company’s performance

Analyze the General Location for the Sub Shop Business Plan

An important feature of companies operating in the restaurant and hospitality industry is selecting an effective location. A location that has an accessible parking lot if within a large driving community such as Los Angeles and within a convenient location considering public transit for a city such as New York. Large international fast food chains conduct extensive analysis into the placement of their restaurants as in some cases, a few city blocks or kilometers may mean the difference between success and failure.

Understand the Target Demographic for the Sub Shop Business Plan

The company must fully understand the target demographic in order to deliver a product that they will purchase. Many times, companies will create focus groups including taste tests with the target demographic. If the sub shop business plan is for a small town in the Southern Louisiana, for instance, the tastes and service may be different for a sub shop in Southern California.

Find the Best Ingredient Producers for the Sub Shop Business Plan

When we say, ‘the best’, we do not literally mean the highest quality. What is meant by the best in this context is to find the appropriate reliable wholesale distribution partner when factoring in price with quality levels for the target demographic. If the demographic is extremely price sensitive and is willing to sacrifice taste such as a high volume sub shop next to a metro station stop to a college campus, a low price producer may be the best option. However, if it is located in a high end district of Manhattan, the quality may be much higher with a large price point to balance appropriately. Surveying the target audience to understand this balance point will effectively enable the equilibrium to be reached.

Think About Your Marketing Channels for the Sub Shop Business Plan

There are many channels and approaches to marketing your sub shop that may be outlined in the business plan. While it is not feasible to determine all the most effective options entirely from an excel sheet and some does require operating history, effective planning can significantly help to increase the effectiveness of the sub shop business plan. Use what you understand about the target demographic and location to leverage targeted channels. Social media and the Google advertising network has a global reach, but it can also be extremely targeted for a specific demographic in a specific state or city. Utilizing targeted promotions can help to maximize the marketing dollar and ensure the right audience sees the message that you intended.


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