Case Studies

Industry : Hospitality

Function :Growth, Fundraising Advisory

A chain of quickly growing quick service restaurants was seeking to expand their business by entering multiple locations and preparing for franchise. They engaged our team to put together a plan for the franchise including a pricing and investment model, creation a financial model, and materials for their capital raise.

Industry : Retail & eCommerce

Function : Fundraising Advisory

A niche eCommerce company specializing in the luxury watch market was analyzing their options for an exit strategy or raising equity from venture investors. The Pro Business Plans team worked with them to analyze each option and then prepare for an immediate term capital raise.

Industry : Healthcare

Function :Fundraising Advisory

A fast growth healthcare technology startup was seeking to prepare for its Series B round. The Pro Business Plans team helped them to determine key performance indicators, conduct due diligence, and assist management in preparation for the raise.

Industry : Technology

Function : Fundraising Advisory

An artificial intelligence enterprise software startup was seeking to prepare for their Series A round. The team at Pro Business Plans assisted them by creating a financial model, pitch deck, data room, and conducting a valuation for their raise to assist them in negotiations with several prospective investors.

Industry : Manufacturing

Function : Fundraising Advisory

A Canadian private equity fund was seeking co-investment to acquire or start a private label baked noodle manufacturing facility. They engaged the team at Pro Business Plans to conduct analysis on the North American baked noodle market, created a buy versus build analysis, and organized an investment offering for their capital raise.

Industry : Financial Services

Function : Fundraising Advisory

A merchant cash advance (MCA) fund was seeking a wholesale credit facility with co-investment rights and needed to structure the cost of capital, conduct an overall market analysis on the MCA market, and prepare marketing materials for the prospective investors. The team at Pro Business Plans analyzed the company’s portfolio, worked with them to structure the offering, and structured KPIs and internal controls to help them manage risk.

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