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Industry Overview

Companies in the consumer software industry have experienced some of the highest exit valuations and are attributed to being in the fastest growing sector today. Pro Business Plans works with many software companies to help them prepare business plans, financial projections, and identify opportunities for growth.

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Investor Materials

Assisting companies to prepare investment materials for seed and growth capital with both private and institutional investors.

Financial Projections / Valuation

Constructing B2C specific financial models and projections, we prepared thousands of projections for software companies.

Strategic Planning

Assisting consumer software companies to conduct market research, product validation, and identifying new opportunities for growth.

Case Studies

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A software as a service company created a consumer shopping tool that helped users save money online and needed a launch strategy and commercialization funding. Pro Business Plans developed a detailed market analysis, pitch deck, and model.

A mobile application for food delivery was seeking Series-A after their product launch and assisted with determining the most profitable markets for entry based on an analysis of each target market.

A social media platform was seeking their second fundraising sound to scale the application after successful market adoption during their early stage. Pro Business Plans assisted with the plan and a new valuation model.

Sector Experience

  • PaaS / SaaS
  • Cloud
  • Mobile Apps
  • Productivity
  • Entertainment
  • Social

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