Equity Financing

Advisory and Investor Introductions

Equity Financing
Advisory & Introductions

Pro Business Plans advises clients how to research, identify, present, and negotiate with investors to secure equity financing for their business.

It also has relationships with many incubators, family offices, venture capitalists, and angel investors it refers relevant opportunities to.


Types of Investor Financing

If you are unsure if what type of investment is best for your business, Pro Business Plans can assist to help you determine

Startup Incubators

Incubators such as Techstars and YCombinator are a great resource to deliver early stage capital and advisory support for pre-product or early stage MVP technology compaines.

Angel Investors

Angel investors and syndicates deliver pre-VC funding for MVP stage startups, SMEs, and in some cases pre-product capital in cases with strong management teams. Many private investors and family offices also fall into this category.

Venture Capital

For growing companies needing three million dollars or more, VC investment is attainable and may be the only viable option for investment. Pro Business Plans has relationships with several venture capital groups and can help early stage companies to manuever this landscape.

Private Equity

For more mature companies seeking five million or more, often in non-tech industries and a slower but more conservative growth rate, private equity may be a suitable option. Pro Business Plans has worked with several companies to raise capital from private equity investors and funds.

What we do to help Secure Your Investment ?

  • Analyze Investment Options
  • Prepare Investment Materials
  • Prepare Data Room
  • Prepare Investor Lists
  • Fundraising Advisory
  • Term Sheet Negotiation

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