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About our Financial Projections

The team at Pro Business Plans builds investment banking level financial projections by conducting extensive market research from revenue generation to expense forecasting.We closely collaborate with your partners and advisers to build a reliable model that can be used to provide lenders, investors, or applied for internal planning.

Reliable, Professional Quality

Pro Business Plans engages one-on-one with clients to build a fully custom set of financial projections which uniquely reflect the potential of each client. Its experience extends across early stage Startups lacking history to mature and sophisticated insolvent companies in need of complex restructuring.


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Guaranteed Satisfaction We ensure every client is satisfied by maintaining close collaboration to completion by continuing the engagement until their satisfaction is reached

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Case Studies

Complex financial Models | Experienced Financial Analysts | Valued Clients

A housing development project for oil field workers was seeking a business plan to provide the lender that incorporated the sensitivity of oil price and adequately reflected multiple construction phases - Pro Business Plans build a model with projections to reflect it.

A commercial real estate developer was establishing a resort on an Island in Antigua and Barbuda and was in-need financial projections to provide the lender. Pro Business Plans conducted custom research and built a model that reflected comparable resorts in the area.


A sports facility needed a full set of financial projections with a detailed table for drivers to consider enterprise rentals, team practice events, and misc. revenue. Pro Business Plans generated assumptions from a comparable facility analysis relative to the regional market and facility size.

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A solar energy company was indecisive about three expansion plans including a licensing, leasing, and direct-to-consumer model. Pro Business Plans performed three sets of financial projections to help it determine the expenses, risks, and potential value of each direction.

Consistently Outstanding Quality, Aimed at Tangible Results

Learn why the leading executives and Startup founders consistently trust Pro Business Plans .

Reliable Research

Pro Business Plans only builds financial projections using reliable market research, competitive analysis, and close collaboration.

Fully Custom

Every set of financial projections and the underlying model is fully custom to the client and reflects their unique financial situation.

Expert Team

Our professional team has prior experience working with top investment bank, private equity, and venture capital funds.

Packaged to Present

The financial projections generate financial statements ready to present to large banks, private equity, or VC funds.

Detailed Analysis

Each financial driver is scrutinized and justified with research and assumptions - with built in drivers for modeling.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Pro Business Plans has a strong track record for delivering high quality financial projections to clients and investors.

What can be Included in Our Financial Projections ?

  • Assumptions Table
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Customer Acquisition Cost
  • Expense/Budget Analysis
  • Risk Modeling
  • 5 Year Income Statement
  • 5 Year Cash Flow
  • 5 Year Balance Sheet
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Revenue Model
  • 12 Month Income Statement
  • 12 Month Cash Flow
  • Comparables Table
  • WaaC/Cost of Capital
  • DCF/COMPS Business Valuation

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