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Industry Overview

The information security industry is constantly growing globally as threats continue to develop. The team at Pro Business Plans has assisted with software, penetration , and emergency response companies across the enterprise and consumer information security space to get funding, grow, and scale their operation.

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Investor Materials

Assisting companies in the information technology space to grow and expand with seed, series-a, and growth capital by preparing investor materials.

Financial Projections / Valuation

Developing financial models and custom projections for valuation, financial analysis and operations management.

Strategic Planning

Plans for market launch, business development, and scaling the operation from enterprise software vendors to service providers worldwide.

Case Studies

SBA Bank Loans     Venture/PE Capital     Strategic Planning

An existing information security company built their own managed security services solution, which they then sold to enterprise buyers throughout the MENA region. Pro Business Plans assisted with helping them finance development and deploy it.

An information security services company was seeking a plan to expand their service offering and geographical focus. Pro Business Plans outlined a business development strategy to accommodate their growth and financial objectives.

An existing information security services developed several proprietary software suites for end-to-end protection applied to enterprise clients that helped mitigate threats and minimize the severity of breeches.

Sector Experience

  • Service providers
  • Software development / vendors
  • Enterprise and consume

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