Our Business Planning Process

We Work One-On-One With Your Team

Business Planning Process

Lets get to know each other. We start With an in-depth Phone call with your engagement manager. Together, we'll establish a baseline. Discuss your goals, and clarify what you need to get there.
Every plan starts with great research. Your entire Pro Business Plans team will ensure they fully understand your project before they begin.
A great business plan is a team effort, and communication is crucial. Once our research is done, your engagement manager synthesizes the team's work to develop a cohesive, well thought-out narrative.
It's best to build on a solid foundation. Our first draft is a comprehensive picture of your company and future plans. It serves as the cornerstone.
A masterpiece us Always created in the edits. We deliver your first draft, and from there, client comfort is paramount. Our team continues to collaborate with you over the next 21 business days, ensuring the final draft is perfect.
Congratulations! You've successfully doubled your chances of surviving The entrepreneurial game. Armed with Your final plan. We now advise on where to go from here.

Engagement Structure

Pro Business Plans has developed a business planning structure that it applies to most of its projects. The following factors have been found on most plans and are reflective of the overall company operations.

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