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About the Feasibility Study Service

The team at Pro Business Plans collaborates with engineers, surveyors, financial, and legal professionals to prepare feasibility analysis reports for over sixty industries for investors and banks.We closely collaborate with your team and advisers to ensure a sound, reasonable, and unbiased analysis of your project's feasibility to provide financiers the confidence of your project.

Reliable, Professional Quality

Pro Business Plans works one-on-one with clients and its strategic partners to combine site-level analysis with financial and legal expertise to carefully research and plan any project to minute details with a high degree of confidence. We ensure that the study is reliable, based on expert research, and driven by the unique approach of your project.


10,000 + Clients Managed Across 60 Countries in 30 Industries

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Leading media recognition Our insights have been referenced in Entrepreneur.com, IBM, and other outlets

guaranteed satisfaction

Guaranteed Satisfaction We ensure every client is satisfied by maintaining close collaboration to completion by continuing the engagement until their satisfaction is reached

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What Our Clients Say


"Pro Business Plans played a critical role in our project. They effectively analyzed each aspect; our lender appreciated the detail."

- Michael Jones , Oren Mining Co.

"Pro Business Plans was critical in determining our company's capacity to expand internationally, we could not have done it without them. "

- Andrew Spearman , Albertson Fabrics

"The professional feasibility analysis from Pro Business Plans was essential for commencing our commercial development project. "

- Emily Martinez , Redwood Development

Experience Across All Industries and Verticals

See why global companies from Startups to multinationals trust Pro Business Plans every time.

Case Studies

150 Feasibility Studies $3 B + Investment Funding 10,000 + Clients

A self-sustaining oil facility in Nigeria was in need of a feasibility study and business plan to provide the bank to acquire a $500 M loan. Pro Business Plans worked with the management and advisers to prepare the study and acquire a term sheet.

A commercial real estate developer was establishing a resort on an Island in Antigua and Barbuda and was in-need of a feasibility analysis to provide the lender. Pro Business Plans worked with local site analysts and environmental engineers to perform the study.


A sports complex and hotel was planned for development and the lender requested a feasibility analysis with custom scenario analysis to gauge the capacity level at which the facility could cover its debt service, Pro Business Plans performed the research and model.

bio energy solution

A biomass energy company was seeking to acquire and convert an existing facility in a leverage buyout and needed a feasibility study to determining its feasibility and cash flow sensitivity , Pro Business Plans prepared the study.

Consistently Outstanding Quality, Aimed at Tangible Results

Learn why the leading executives and Startup founders consistently trust Pro Business Plans .

Reliable Research

Pro Business Plans has access to the same research as leading investment banks uses local site inspectors - it only uses the most reliable information.

Fully Custom

Every feasibility analysis uniquely reflects your project based on the size, scope, budget, management team, and implementation schedule.

Expert Team

Our in-house expertise spans across finance, research, and strategy complemented with our engineering, legal, and site analysis partners.

Funding Support

Pro Business Plans is there to assist with any questions your lender has regarding the study and you may have regarding the financing process.

Detailed Financials

Pro Business Plans performs detailed financial analysis based on your estimated capital structure and projected cash flows.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Pro Business Plans ensures that both the client and financiers are satisfied with the study - or will refund the full amount.

What is Included in Our Feasibility Studies ?

  • Executive Summary
  • Economic Analysis
  • Regional Facility Profiles
  • Facility Planning
  • Demand Forecasts
  • Industry Trends
  • Use of Funds
  • Projected Cash Flows
  • Projected Balance Sheet
  • Capital Structure
  • Site Analysis
  • PESTLE Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Comparables Analysis
  • Scenario Modeling

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