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Industry Overview

Pro Business Plans has helped many oil & natural gas companies with both development, upstream, and downstream production and distribution. It has worked with companies to acquire funding, prepare feasibility studies for lenders, acquire new facilities, and expand their operations in to a vertical or horizontal market.

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Investor Materials

Developing investment materials for companies in the oil & gas sector for construction loans, royalty/land acquisition financing, and private investors.

Financial Projections / Valuation

Building financial and valuation models based on facility size/output – assisting with build and operations expenses.

Strategic Planning

Working in conjunction with engineering companies to identity the feasibility of their operation given several political and environmental dimensions.

Case Studies

SBA Bank Loans     Venture/PE Capital     Strategic Planning

An oil refinery was seeking bank financing to establish its operations for 30,000 barrels/day capacity. Pro Business Plans conducted a feasibility analysis and prepared a business plan to provide the lender for a loan.

A distributor of liquid natural gas was seeking to acquire a larger fleet. Pro Business Plans assisted with investment materials and an operations policy to support the acquisition of trucks.

A fracking operation in North Dakota was seeking strategic partners and investors to participate in its new operation. Pro Business Plans conducted an analysis of the area, financial projections based on output and put together an investment memorandum.

Sector Experience

  • Oil refineries
  • Natural gas fracking
  • Trading
  • Transportation

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