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Industry Overview

The restaurant industry has undergone many changes over the past decade with a focus on healthier, faster, and more casual dining options around the world. Pro Business Plans has worked with some of the fastest growing restaurants in the nation to Startup, acquire, and expand through franchising.

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Investor Materials

Helping restaurants with business plans, pitch decks, and private placement memorandums to provide banks and investors for financing.

Financial Projections / Valuation

Preparing financial models for projection, and valuation for investment and preparing for an acquisition.

Strategic Planning

An analysis of the current market to help determine location, investment size, and feasibility for additional corporate or franchise establishments.

Case Studies

SBA Bank Loans     Venture/PE Capital     Strategic Planning

A fine dining restaurant chain was opening another location and needed investment materials for the raise. Pro Business Plans developed the plan and a deck to help them launch.

A Mid-Atlantic restaurant chain was seeking a plan and deck to quickly franchise to several locations nationally. It raised $5.0 M with the investment materials and valuation model.

A restaurant was seeking a valuation and business plan to perform a buyout of two similar restaurants. Pro Business Plans prepared the model and worked with the broker.

Sector Experience

  • Fast Casual
  • Fast Dining
  • Chain
  • Franchise

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