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Business Plan Success Points


There are many elements that impact the success of a business plan, these business plan success factors may impact the ability of readers to understand what your company does and how it can solve the needs of the readers. The key points for a successful business plan depend on the application of the plan. If the plan is being applied for a venture capitalist, its success is dependent upon alignment with the funding strategy of the investor. A software company that focuses on its application to the consumer goods industry and only alludes to its industry focused application may be missed by a fund manager focusing on the consumer goods sector.

This article outlines the business plan success points that will impact your company and help it to achieve its purpose. However, before the business plan is created, the specific requirements of a bank or investor must be understood and the plan designed to meet this. Without meeting requirements or compliance with the analysis points, the plan could potentially run the risk of not being accepted by the investor. The success points included are listed below:


Outline your Value Proposition

A value proposition is what your company does to make money. The value proposition of a gas station is to serve consumers with the necessary fuel to drive and provide them with food or beverages on the interim of their destination. A value proposition can be different than a competitive advantage, which is what your company does differently than your competitors do to generate money. The value proposition may be the same as your competitors, or it could be entirely new and unique if you are entering an unattested market space or introducing a disruptive technology.

Applications of Funding

Many individuals providing funding for an investment desire the security to know that the funding will be applied for uses that will help to reach the levels of returns desired. While the financials may be disregarded by many investors or banks, others will place an emphasis on what the funds will be used for in order to estimate the level of risk.

Management Team

The management team, particularly if a new company can sometimes be vital to receiving funding. Many business plans do not include adequate information about the management team and all parties participating in the direction of the company. Just as very few extremely successful companies are one man operations or operated by highly inexperienced managers, investors desire there to be adequate infrastructure or managers in many cases. Without such a team, it raises the risk level of the company without proper experience.

Future Objectives

Without a future objective outlining the plan of the company, it demonstrates a lack of vision and awareness of what the end result of the entity is. It becomes difficult to invest in a company that does not know what its future goals are. While five years are generally considered to be too far reaching, a three year objective plan demonstrates prudence and what the company will do in the present to reach its future milestones and objectives.


Following these business plan success factors does not ensure that your company will reach its objectives. It is rather a safety mechanism to ensure that the company does not miss opportunities by omitting critical information when being reviewed by an investor. Pro Business Plans can help your company to understand the business plan success points and prepare for the best strategy going forward for investors.  It has a business plan review service for plans that are already completed and can also complete the entire business plan from start to finish by working one on one with the management team.


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