10 traits that separate the best salespeople from others

High angle view of a businessman standing amidst businesspeople

Extraordinary salespeople know they are crucial in today’s economy, and they will accept nothing less than being at the top of their game. Sales is not really an easy job, as it is mostly based on potential and the deals are never guaranteed. Although the work is not always enjoyable best salespeople succeed without guarantees. They see a worthy challenge in every potential deal. These are some qualities that set best salespeople apart from the rest:


  1. Product knowledge

A good salesperson will always start with knowledge. They are completely knowledgeable on the products they sell. They are always experts on product uses, systems, operations and mechanics. Having that information allows them to simply present the information the customer has to understands, and not to sell themselves in order to sell the product. Although personality is very important when making a sale, being able to answer customer questions is much more effective because customers want to enhance the efficiency of their business, not to make a new friend.


  1. Passionate

The experience of selling a product is better when a salesperson believes in what they are selling. Selling is a great opportunity for them to show off a product they are involved with. If the sales representatives are passionate about what they are selling and are aware of the business improvement that comes whit the sale, their personality won’t matter that much and selling the product will be much easier.


  1. Organized

Taking notes on what system or products have been installed/sold, where the problems occurred, and what issues are still open can help a salesperson keep their customers satisfied and happy long-term. When a salesperson has all the details that customer needs, even the ones that customer should have organized, there is more trust between the salesperson and the customer.


  1. Hungry

Nurturing the customer accounts they have inherited is not enough for good salespeople, they want to make new connections and figure out new ways to explore business with existing customers. They are persistent and don’t give up until they get themselves in front of key people to land new accounts. Rejection is not discouraging them, but it challenges them to find a new way to get the same end.


  1. Personable

People skills are very important if you want to be an exceptional salesperson. Of course, not all salespeople need to be incredible charmers, but they can’t be so introverted that customers misread their demeanor as rude. Exceptional salespeople study their potential customers and what needs the product would meet for them. Observing helps to learn when to listen and when to talk. It can also help to know how much to share to build trust between the customer and salesperson or when to be less revealing to get the customer in the position of the seeker. When closing deals with good salespeople, customers believe that closing it was their choice.


  1. Hard working

Great salespeople realize that the sale is not over when the deal is closed, it lasts as long as the service is being used by the customer. Complications are inevitable, and salespeople are obliged to help as soon and as efficient as possible when they occur. Company’s best salespeople are well connected with their colleagues and supported by their inside-sales teams, the upper management, and the engineers. If it happens that salesperson cannot solve the problem by themselves, they can always seek help from certain people in the company and resolve the problem in efficient and timely manner.


  1. Self-motivated

Exceptional salespeople understand that guidance and support are important, but they don’t like to feel babysat. Instead, they take responsibility for their actions and are self-motivated. By being responsible, they build trustful relationships with upper executives and managers, which gives them the freedom to make decisions by themselves. On the other hand, needy salespeople waste a lot of their managers’ time, while they could just be on the field and learn from their mistakes. Great salespeople are by definition competitive, and they always strive to be the best on their sales team. This is rewarded with commissions, free vacations, and bonuses.


  1. Time awareness

Great salespeople know that their time management can show how trustworthy and responsible they are. They are always on time for customer meetings even when they are scheduling appointments with customers from different time zones. They also understand that by being late they are not just hurting themselves but their company’s reputation as well. One irresponsible salesperson is enough for the whole company to lose their reputation.


  1. Social awareness

Being socially aware when it comes to office politics is also one of the qualities of the great salesperson. They play the game, but with a high level of integrity and self-possession. Gossip is not really their concern. They are aware of who they are and what information they share at company events. They know how to control themselves in business environments where there is alcohol. Good salespeople recognize the importance of being respected by their peers.


  1. Work-life balance

Sales can often be an all day consuming career; great sales people know they have to live with a healthy balance between work and life. Because of this, they have learned how to recognize the customers in need of troubleshooting apart from the needy customers. They understand the necessity of getting away from their job by using the long weekends to enjoy their families. Not having down time will just cause you to lose motivation. Great salespeople put their well-being above everything else because that is what makes them great.