4 habits that will improve your mental health and productivity


The journey of the entrepreneur is often challenging and lonely. You have to take care of your business and deal with the fact that your financial security is completely tied to the success of your company. It is tough to cope with this fact, but achieving success is not entirely dependent on finance.

More often you will be facing mental problems; your mental health is vital for the successful leading of your business.

So here are five habits that will improve both your mental health and productivity:

  1. Having a good sleep

Although many entrepreneurs work late into the evening and get up very early just to get the most of the day, they are not doing themselves a favor as it lowers their productivity. A study conducted by the Harvard Medical School showed that inadequate amount of sleep is disabling some higher brain functions and making the ability to focus very hard. And if it is severe enough, the side effects can be stuck with you for a few days.

Further, diabetes, obesity and heart attack are linked with the poor sleep, and that can lead to more issues. Six to eight hours is obligatory if you want your productivity at the high level.

  1. Making sure you eat the right food

As an entrepreneur, you are also probably not able to eat well. It is more difficult to enjoy a proper meal than it is to buy a burger and eat it on the run. And the bad thing about this is the fact that food we eat affect the way we feel and think. The food we eat is then turned into glucose that fuels your brain. Also eating the food with more fat will make you tired and unable to do the tasks that require a larger amount of energy.

  1. Exercising on a regular basis

It is not very easy to take an hour to exercise when you are overwhelmed with work, but following benefits are worth considering:

  • It reduces stress, both physical and mental
  • It releases certain chemicals that help you fight depression and cause happiness
  • It largely improves levels of your self-confidence and self-appreciation
  • It rests your brain, which later helps in taking a new perspective on problem
  1. Meditating and praying

This is not necessarily connected to the success, but it can help in boosting performance, whether you are spiritual or not. It allows you to take a moment for yourself, rest a bit, relax and let the stress out, before returning to work. Another positive aspect of meditating is the fact that it lowers your blood pressure. The good thing is that you don’t need a lot of time or room to do it. You can take few minutes while on the bus or even at your office at the end of the day.

  1. Reading more often

You will also have to read a lot, as much as you can, if you aspire to be a good leader. Take any example: Mark Zuckerberg himself started a book club on Facebook, Bill Gates is already known as a big book lover and on average Warren Buffet spends 80 percent of his time reading every day.

You don’t always have to read the latest business books, although it will certainly help you, you can just grab a book that you want. Studies showed that reading directly affects your emotional awareness, which is good enough reason just to grab a book and read.

A lot of entrepreneurs are aware of the impact that mental health has on the success of the business, but not everyone knows how deep are those two connected. By improving these four aspects of your life you will boost your productivity for sure, and at the same time acquire a better lifestyle.