6 Proven Habits to Increase your Performance


As an entrepreneur, it is important for you to stay focused and remain at top performance. This means not being suppressed by external activities that will drag not only your performance down, but that of your entire company. We sought to compile a list of six scientifically proven habits that can help to increase your work performance and overall quality of life. While it is easy to list them and they may already be known, the purpose is to remind you to stay focusing on achieving them and to not get distracted by quick wins and short term hobbies.


  1. Develop Relationships

Dale Carnegie in his book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, has compiled a strategy which helps people to more effectively build relationships. Within your company, you have internal relations and external ones. You also have your personal relationships, which all must be treated with the same harmony, care, and respect if you seek to maintain them. The main takeaway from his book echoes the idiom of the ‘golden rule’, which encourages relationship development by doing things for others.


  1. Manage Risk

A large number of studies that a large degree of success comes from management of your risk to reward ratio. This is driven by a lot of factors including your opportunity cost of working on other projects, the actual investment requirements, and the amount of other required resources. By effectively managing risk, you are encouraged to take larger risks and stay more focused by realizing that many short run opportunities are often worth more than they can potentially deliver.


  1. Develop Self-Control

By self-control, we mean having the ability to never express any emotions in a manner that will cause a negative impact. In fact, if you have full control over your emotions, you can turn a negative situation into a good one. J. Paul Getty saw an opportunity during a major economic downturn, he purchased many oil stocks and massively depressed prices and created an oil conglomerate that rivaled Rockefeller. When most people were concerned about losing their job and the stability of their family, Getty remained calm and saw the potential in the depressed market.


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  1. Be a Good Listener

Experienced professionals are well aware that there is one major contributor to the success of a strategy being implemented, that is strong communication. Understanding how to listen to your customers, not simply hearing them, can often make the difference between a successful firm and a failure. Many attention spans are short or we value data that comes from good credentials and is unbiased, without focusing on the information that matters most, what the other party wants.


  1. Maintain a Positive Workspace

Your workspace impacts your productivity and overall wellbeing on a very high level. An office that is designed for productivity on an individual level, such as an isolated and cramped cubicle, may be best for people that need high level of productivity. However, you may need an office with wide open spaces or lots of collaboration in order to stimulate ideas. While scientific studies have shown that some work spaces are more effective than others, everyone works best under conditions aligned with their optimal work style and skillset.


  1. Learn Something New

By learning new things, you stimulate your brain and continue to build your intellectual horizon. Learning new skillsets are like downloading new software programs for our computer, it enables us to solve more problems that we encounter and analyze programs from many different perspectives. If someone in the room needs to solve an issue, the person that has read the most books and experienced the most events in life is more likely to find the solution. Our business plan consultants work hard every day to learn new skills and adopt the latest market strategies to help clients to improve their business.


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