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Staying Organized During Investment Roadshows


When companies are on investment roadshows, seeking capital from many investors and making in-person visitations for presentations, things are likely to become disorganized. Receiving many traditional business cards and hearing so many capital brands can seem to blend in. Investors that are highly interested, ready to invest under conditions, or preparing the term sheet can all seem to blend in. It is important to stay well organized and understand the specific interest of each investment group, their requirements, and how your company can raise financing from them. The following tips can be applied to companies during their fundraising campaigns to stay organized and prevent misunderstandings.

Use a CRM System

There are many generic customer relationship management software suites that are low cost, or completely free for a limited number of entries. Any basic CRM system will allow users to store contact information and notes about the contact. Companies may store their point of contact, date since their last meeting, and notes the investors made about the company. They may also establish goals for the group and seek to determine the success of the fundraising campaign.

Define Measurable Goals

An effective method of staying organized during fundraising campaigns is to define objectives. This may include high level objectives like meeting with one company per day, or performance based ones, such as acquiring one interested investor per week. This will not only push the team towards achieving quantifiable goals, but can also by linked with the CRM system so that the company may visualize its performance.

Perform your Research

Before meeting with an individual or institutional investor, perform research on them to understand their portfolio and investment style. You are essentially trying to sell your team and business and want to know what the buyer wants before you try to sell something. This can save your company time by presenting to investment groups that simply do not meet your company’s investment criteria. Performing research also makes your team more prepared when presenting in front of an investment group.

Organize a Cloud File

As your company performs its fundraising campaign, it will be updating documents and receiving new ones. The team is likely to not share the same hard drive, so it organizing a shared cloud file is a good option. Data on the cloud will enable greater security from protection of personal computer failure, but also enable constant access to the same information and keep your team more organized.

When your team is more organized, it comes across as more capable and confident to investment groups. Aside from basic quality control reasons, it can help investors to see the administrative value of your team and believe it to be more capable of fulfilling the business plan. Following the strategies outlined in this article will help your company to stay organized as you enter time consuming and demanding investment roadshows.


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