The Business Disruption That Will Be Worth Billions


Technology has been playing a big role in modern business disruption trends. It has led to the decline of companies whose operations were riddled with bureaucracy and inefficiency. Technological advancement has given rise to automated processes which have made the operations of top companies phenomenal. These mega businesses caused disruptions that earned them multi-billions.

Disruption is related to several aspects of business. It is driven by innovation, consumer behavior, customer preferences, supply, and other factors. A company can decide to take advantage of new technologies in order to increase their market share.

A start-up can use relevant data from market research to conceive an idea that will take the entire industry by storm. They can see the future differently from the way other brands see it, and take the risk to achieve their vision with the right technologies in place. An example can be seen in how Netflix overshadowed Blockbuster.

There is a certain disruption of great magnitude that is about to happen in the animated entertainment industry, especially for studios whose operations are characterized by the bureaucratic model that was mentioned earlier.

The creative process is sure to feature hassles from the executives, and unnecessary time-consumption. Some of the employees might not really be adding any value to the creative processes. Of course, we know what is likely to happen to such studios as stated earlier.

With new tech, the industry is nearing a time when animated entertainment writers can just create characters on their computers, and make them perform actions with motion capture. This is possible with various software applications available out there. The entire creative process executed by one individual!

Soon, more animators or writers will decide to work alone, while employment in the big studios of the industry. This is what Real-time animation technology is capable of.

More animators and animation studios are adopting Real-time animation technology for their work. Soon, it will change the face of the entire industry with the subsequent disruption that will take place. It is only a matter of time before big studios start experiencing a decline.

Why Real-time Animation Technology Will Cause a Disruption Soon

  • Animators require improved hardware and software to increase the pace of their work, especially for video games. Real-time tech offers the solutions.
  • Affordability of animation technologies such as motion capture systems.
  • Availability of a wide range of graphic models that can be edited to suit the needs of animators, as well as sophisticated technologies that can produce ultra-realistic real-time rendering.
  • The fact that animations can be done with very limited budgets by artists who wish to work alone. This is in comparison to the billion-dollar budgets of studios like Disney.
  • The yearning of gaming aficionados to see animations that are more cinematic and realistic.

In a few years, the production of animated movies will be done by just one person or a team of few artists. New innovations in Real-time animation technology are springing up fast, and they will be available to anybody that can afford them at cheaper prices. It is worthy to note that the industry is worth over 250 Billion US Dollars.