Think global right from the beginning  


You have probably heard a million times that your small business is always safer if you think and act on the local level first. And it may sound kind of overly ambitious, but you should try going global right away, even before you get your first

One of the arguments for this is provided by Amasia Managing Partner John Kim. He said that modern markets are not necessarily divided by geography. Further more, there is a bigger gap between markets for different generations than between countries. And I think this should already be enough for small business owners to start considering going global from the outset.

Probably every company that thinks big enough and has good timing will keep growing and eventually become a global company. Of course, some companies are more suitable for making the change to global early on. For example, software companies that operate in the cloud can operate anywhere in the world. The transition can be done even by other types of commerce that are more physical, but just not as fast.

Today, many businesses should not worry if they are going to become global, but when. It is crucial to start thinking about your potential partners, customers, and countries from across the world that could help your company so that you will be prepared when such opportunities come.